Toronto Music Industry Advisory Council

Meeting No.:
Nancy Martins, Committee Administrator
Meeting Date:
Monday, June 5, 2017

Start Time:
3:00 PM
Committee Room 1, City Hall
Councillor Josh Colle

Toronto Music Industry Advisory Council


Councillor Josh Colle (Chair)

Eric Alper

Derek Andrews

Vivian Barclay

Mary An Blom

Dan Broome

Melissa Bubb-Clarke

Councillor Christin Carmichael Greb

Jeff Cohen

Jeff Craib

Jay Devonish

Jay Douglas




Councillor John Filion

Murray Foster

Councillor Mary Fragedakis

Adam Gill

Derek "Drex" Jancar

Tracy Jenkins

Andreas Kalogiannides

Jesse Kumagai

Melissa Langley

Robert Lanni

Amanda Martinez

Councillor Mary Margaret McMahon




Mervin Mehta

Noah Mintz

Miranda Mulholland

Rodney Murphy

Jeffrey Remedios

Roberta Smith

Spencer Sutherland

Patti-Anne Tarlton

Amy Terrill

Councillor Michael Thompson

Andrew Weir

Peter Zakarow




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Declarations of Interest under the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act


Confirmation of Minutes – February 13, 2017



MA8.1 - Toronto Music Industry Advisory Council Priorities and Working Groups

(Deferred from February 13, 2017 - 2017.MA7.3)
Consideration Type:


The Toronto Music Industry Advisory Council (TMAC) at its meeting on February 13, 2017 deferred consideration of Item MA7.3 - Structure and Process Review of the Toronto Music Industry Advisory Council.  This presentation replaces the original discussion to be led by the Chair.


The TMAC Chair, Co-Chair and working group leads will now conduct a discussion to review TMAC’s key priorities for the remainder of the current term of City Council, and to hear suggestions on revising the existing working group structure to align with these priorities.

1a - Structure and Process Review of the Toronto Music Industry Advisory Council

(Deferred from February 13, 2017 - 2017.MA7.3)

The Chair will lead a discussion to solicit members' feedback on the efficacy of the Toronto Music Industry Advisory Council Process and Structure.

MA8.2 - Protection of Live Music Venues

Consideration Type:


- Spencer Sutherland, Toronto Music Industry Advisory Council's (TMAC) Business Development working group lead, will update members on progress toward forming a Toronto Music Venue Association in collaboration with Music Canada Live’s Regional Action Network for Toronto.


- A member of Music Canada Live’s Regional Advisory Council will present research being undertaken on Toronto music venues in order to create data to advocate for venue protection measures.


- TMAC Chair and City staff will update members on a notice of motion to City Council intended to protect existing music venues.

MA8.3 - Toronto Music City Not-for-profit

Consideration Type:


Chalo Hancock, UForChange, will present on the Toronto Music City not-for-profit proposal to provide affordable housing and rehearsal, recording, and writing space for musicians.


Lorraine Segato, Regent Park’s honorary Artist in Residence, will present on the importance of building healthy and vibrant communities through music and culture, and on a holistic, inter-disciplinary approach to city-building through the lens of creators.

MA8.4 - International Alliances Working Group Update

(Deferred from February 13, 2017 - 2017.MA7.6)
Consideration Type:


Members of the Toronto Music Industry Advisory Council's International Alliances working group and City staff will provide an update and information on working group items including:


-   The Austin-Toronto Alliance membership and volunteer callout for the 2017 B2B summit organization.
-   Proposed activities at SXSW (South by Southwest) 2017, including City of Toronto/Alliance Presence and Music Cities Summit.
-   Canadian Music Week 2017: Music Cities Summit and Austin-Toronto showcase
“T for Toronto” activation at M for Montreal.

MA8.5 - Noise By-law Review

(Deferred from February 13, 2017 - 2017.MA7.4)
Consideration Type:


Members of the Advocacy and Business Development working groups and City staff will provide information and lead a discussion on the City of Toronto’s Noise By-law review currently underway in the Municipal Licensing and Standards Division. The Advocacy working group will lead a discussion on the importance of the Noise By-law to the economic health of the music sector.


(February 13, 2017) E-mail from Ulla Colgrass, York Quay Neighbourhood Association (MA.New.MA7.4.1)

MA8.6 - Announcements and Updates

(Deferred from February 13, 2017 - 2017.MA7.7)
Consideration Type:


City staff will provide updates on the following:


-   The January 2017 City of Toronto film and music mission to Los Angeles, California led by Mayor Tory.
-   The Music District in Fort Collins, Colorado and its use as a template for the development of a "music hub" in Toronto.
-   The re-vamped "Live from City Hall" music program.
-   The January 2017 consideration by the Community Development and Recreation Committee of a recommendation on the feasibility of mandated risk management plans for medical coverage at electronic dance music events.


Spencer Sutherland will provide an update on a “Canada 150 Event Series” proposal.

Source: Toronto City Clerk at