Heritage Property Detail
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Address: 441 QUEEN ST W
Ward: 10
Status: Designated Part IV
List Date: Oct 17, 1983
Intention Date:
By-Law: 820-84
Part IV Date: Nov 26, 1984
Part V Date:
Heritage District: Queen Street West
District Status: contributing
Heritage Easement Ag: CT745537
Registration Date: Oct 03, 1985
Building Type: Commercial
Architect/Builder: LANGLEY AND BURKE
Construction Yr.: 1886
Details: Oddfellows' Hall, 1886, Langley & Burke -adopted by City Council on Oct. 17, 1983 DESIGNATION BY-LAW PASSED BY CITY COUNCIL on Nov. 26, 1984 (heritage easement agreement, Reg. CT745537, Oct. 3/85); located within the Queen Street West Heritage Conservatio
Demolition Date:
Primary Address: 441 QUEEN ST W