Heritage Property Detail
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Address: 728 YONGE ST
Ward: 13
Status: Designated Part IV
List Date: Mar 15, 1974
Intention Date: May 5, 2015
By-Law: 235-2016 Part V 1295 Part IV
Part IV Date: Dec 10, 2015
Part V Date: Mar 10, 2016
Heritage District: Historic Yonge St.
District Status: contributing
Heritage Easement Ag:
Registration Date:
Building Type: Commercial
Construction Yr.:
Details: SEE 728 Yonge Street. Council stated its intention to designate (Part IV) May 5, 2015. City Council enacted designating by-law 1295-2015 (Part IV) December 10, 2015. Also part of the Historic Yonge Street Heritage Conservation District, enacted by City Council on March 10, 2016. By-law # 235-2016, which is currently under appeal.
Demolition Date:
Primary Address: 720 YONGE ST