Heritage Property Detail
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Address: 100 PRINCES BLVD
Ward: 10
Status: Designated Part V
List Date: May 03, 1993
Intention Date: Jul 17, 2007
Part IV Date:
Part V Date:
Heritage District: N/A
District Status: N/A
Heritage Easement Ag: AT1080990
Registration Date: Mar 07, 2006
Building Type: Public
Architect/Builder: GOUINLOCK, G.W.
Construction Yr.: 1961
Details: Exhibition Pl.; Hockey Hall of Fame and Canada's Sports Hall of Fame; 1960-61, west wing; 1966-1967 east wing; Allward and Gouinlock, architects -adopted by City Council on May 3 and 4, 1993; Heritage Easement Agreement AT1080990 registered on March 7, 20
Demolition Date:
Primary Address: 2 STRACHAN AVE