Heritage Property Detail
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Address: 81 ST NICHOLAS ST
Ward: 13
Status: Designated Part IV
List Date: Mar 15, 1974
Intention Date: Feb 14, 2006
By-Law: 362-2006; 1018-2017
Part IV Date: May 25, 2006
Part V Date:
Heritage District: N/A
District Status: N/A
Heritage Easement Ag: AT5220935
Registration Date: Aug 26, 2019
Building Type: Commercial
Construction Yr.:
Details: Warehouses -adopted by City Council on March 15, 1974,DESIGNATION BY-LAW ENACTED BY CITY COUNCIL on May 25, 2006. By-law 1018-2017 to amend By-law the designating by-law 362-2006 for 81 St. Nicholas Street by amending the reasons for designation to include the Robert Barron Stables and to amend the legal description to include the property atr 85 St. Nicholas Street, enacted by City Council October 4, 2017. Heritage Easement Agreement registered as Instrument No. AT5220935 on August 26, 2019.
Demolition Date:
Primary Address: 81 ST NICHOLAS ST